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Our website is a very powerful, online tool for veterinarians. To ensure they find the information they need quickly we've tried to keep our system as simple as possible, it's easy to add your pets and it's easy for vets to contact you!

Finding your way around, navigation
Every page has a navigation menu in the left column. This is context related so depending on where you are within our site the links may change to reflect that area. There is also a page footer with links, this remains the same throughout our website. HINT: Clicking the main banner at the top of each page will take you straight to our home page. You may also find our website map helpful.

Registration form
If you would like to help save a pet's life please begin by adding your contact details to our listing with the »registration form«, it only takes a minute or two.

To complete this form you need to provide your full name, telephone, eMail and postal address etc. We will send you a confirmation eMail, please reply to this email as it is an important part of our website functionality.

Any eMail you receive from us will be important information that relates directly to our website, we have a non-spam policy.

Your Owners Consol
After the initial registration is complete you will be shown your owner's consol, a page containing links to information about which vets have requested your details and links to forms where you can edit your information. Each time you »log-in« you will be taken there too. The owners menu allows you to add new pets, review existing entries, change your contact details etc.

It's important to keep your details up-to-date. Once a year we will send you a reminder to check the details are still valid. We've provided help on-site so if you have any queries you may find them answered already.

You are always welcome to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions. We're particularly keen to hear suggestions for improvements, let us know if you'd like new features or modifications!

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Download Posters

You can download leaflet and poster artwork directly from our website. Click »here« to view the selection, download and print, it's easy.

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