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  Have you ever struggled to find a blood donor?
Blood transfusions are often critical procedures and unplanned. Finding a suitable donor can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Many owners are happy for their animals to be donors, and glad that a donation may save another animal’s life.

The intention of this website is to bring vets and owners together so
that a donation can be obtained where necessary.

RCVS advice indicates that there is no concern about professional trespass where a donor is a registered patient at another practice, although it would be courteous to let the donors’ practice know that a donation has been made. Find out more about using our site here:

By adding your practice and your vets, you can access the ABR database, allowing a search of registered donor animals in your area.

Why not encourage your pet owners to join the register then they will be readily accessible via the website for you to contact! You may find the downloadable posters and leaflets available ‘here’ useful for donor recruitment.

IMPORTANT: Care of donors (with affiliated websites) is simply a matching service. The procedure of donor selection, donor care, typing and/or cross matching and blood collection is the responsibility of the veterinary surgeon. All donors should be examined and checked for suitability before a blood collection is performed.

Further information on the procedure and protocols can be found in the following resources, and elsewhere:

Clare Knottenbelt and Andrew Mackin (1998) Blood transfusion in the dog and cat. Part 1. Blood collection techniques. In Practice 20:110-114

Clare Knottenbelt and Andrew Mackin (1998) Blood transfusion in the dog and cat. Part 2. Indications and safe administratio. In Practice 20:191-199

Anthony Abrams-Ogg (2000) Chapter 15: Practical Blood Transfusion, in Michael Day, Andrew Mackin and Janet Littlewood (Eds.) BSAVA Manual of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine. British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Gloucester, England.

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